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Music Courses

Musique Enfant – An Early Childhood Music Foundation Programme:
Musique Enfant is an early childhood music foundation course that provides experiences for young children that builds the foundation for music skills. Through the musical exposure, the child learns to appreciate and enjoy music right from the beginning of their life thus enhancing the child’s music education when she/he picks up a music instrument later. It is developed to build listening skills, attention, confidence and self-expression. Activities include Music & Movement, singing, musical games, story-telling, and many more….

Through this course, children learn to understand the three fundamental elements of music: Melody, Rhythm and Music Expression.
The music and material used for this course are carefully selected and graded, with some even composed specially for the course.
Musique Enfant Toddlers (2.5   - 3 .5years old)

In Musique Enfant Toddlers, toddler and parents bonding are strengthened as they come together and have a great time making music. Each lesson features music & movement, dance, rhythm making on instruments such as maracas, claves, bells, etc, finger plays, singing, musical games and many more…. Through these activities, the child’s gross and fine motor, co-ordination, exploration of space, body awareness and control are enhanced.
Musique Enfant Kids (3 .5   - 4 .5 years old)

In Musique Enfant Kids, action-filled activities such as music & movement, dance, musical games, mimes, creative finger exercises, etc are introduced to enhance the learning of musical concepts and skills such as listening, tempo, pitching, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, melody and note reading. The child also learns to play melodies on melodic instruments like boomwhackers, mini xylophones and handbells.
Musique Enfant On Keys ( from 4 .5 years onwards)

In Musique Enfant On Keys the child comes together with other children and has fun in creating music. It is a complete method that combines Solo and Ensemble Keyboard playing, performing techniques, finger numbers and keyboard geography, solfege singing, ear training, music and movement, rhythm development, aural training and awareness, improvisation. Music Mind Games, an USA curriculum of over 300 cooperative games for teaching music theory and reading will be played at every lesson to enhance learning.
Classical Piano

Learning the piano can be fun and fulfilling. All our piano lessons are individualized as everyone has a different pace of learning. Our students are prepared for, and sit in music examinations. We offer expert exam preparation for Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity College of Music (TCL) and London College of Music (LCM). As we are a recognized centre for ABRSM and LCM, most of the practical exams for these two exam bodies are conducted at Opus 3.
Besides their regular weekly lessons, our students will also have the opportunity to participate in our quarterly Ensemble & Musicianship Programme (EMP) whereby our students are exposed to solo / ensemble performance experiences, Music General Knowledge, Aural Skills, Improvisation & Techniques, Rhythmic Awareness, Musical Games and many more to enhance their competence in artistry.
  Individual / Group Theory for all grades

Our theory lessons are targeted at preparing students for Music Theory examinations. Lessons are conducted individually or in small groups.
  Pop Piano

Learn to play your favourite songs in our Pop Piano course whereby you will be taught proper piano playing technique, basic music theory, accompaniment patterns in different styles, chords formation, etc…


I have known Mrs Helen Ong since 2003. My son, Dylon, started piano lessons with Helen when he was in Kindergarten. He is now in Secondary 3. Dylon is pursuing Grade 8 and has chosen Music as an elective subject for his GCE “O” Levels next year. My 7-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, has also started piano lessons with Helen for 2 years now. Cheyenne is currently pursuing Grade 2.

From Day One, Helen has been the inspirational as well as disciplinary source behind my children’s achievements. It is not easy to be a good piano teacher – lots of patience and perseverance to work with and to keep the young ones stay focused, on track and encouraged. She has managed that very well. Other than scheduled piano practical lessons, Helen also conducts theory workshops, mini concerts and other performances to widen her students’ exposure to music. Both my husband and I do not come from a musical background, as such, we totally depend on Helen to bring out the best in my children. Over the years, Helen has departed much knowledge and along the way has helped to build character in my children. She has also grown with my children, recognizing their strengths and weaknesses on the keyboard and also off the keyboard to a certain extent. Through sharing with her, I have come to understand my children from another perspective. This has enhanced my relationship with my children. For that alone, I am very thankful.

I have and would not hesitate to recommend Helen to teach piano. In fact, through our recommendation, my friends’ children have also been taught by Helen for many years now.

Debbie Cheam, Parent
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